Faux or Fake Wedding Cakes

We can custom create your dream cake for any occasion. Your special day is one to be remembered, so a centrepeice is a Great way to create a lasting memory! Our cakes are polystyrene foam based (this is on the inside which is light and creates the perfect shape and finish) and decorated with either faux/artificial flowers or real sugar fondant icing, handcrafted sugar flowers and lace giving the realism of an edible cake. A Faux cake is not a cutting cake and cannot be cut, hence being called a faux cake. Our fake cakes will be a real wow factor for you and your guests and your wallet! Nobody even needs to know it was not real, and the way we create our cakes leaving it perfect and flawless without any cutouts or gaps, nobody will be any the wiser. 

Cutting & Photoshoot

We Offer a cutting cake if you wish to have one to cut. Our Faux Wedding Cakes are are 100% complete and realistic WITHOUT a base wedge cut out. We find this the best option to create a perfect look for your cake from any possible angle 

of photography, as sometimes one can see the imperfection of the cutout wedge scenario in photos which are taken before the official bride & Groom cutting pose, or where the cake is visible in the background of photos or your guests 

take their own and spot an imperfection with a wedge section. The wedding couple can simply hold the knife and slightly press down to mimic an actual slice being made into the base tier, which still makes for the perfect realistic photo op. 

We can provide cutting slab cakes if required.

CREATE an everlasting memory, with a Faux Cake.

We look forward to creating a custom cake for your special event.  Please contact me with any questions you might have. Below are some faux cake ideas, but we can Create one for you. Colours can be altered to suit.

Contact us for further details. 

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Add a slab cutting cake to serve to guests. Contact us for prices